Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Community Garden Update - July 2019

It has been HOT!

The temps have just been creeping upwards ever since we got our delivery of dirt.

Initially, I tried to get out to the garden for a couple hours everyday to move that dirt. Then the temps rose a bit more and I'd head to the community garden early in the morning. But more often then not, by 10am it was HOT! The last half of the month, I only got down there about every other day.

I had a helper early on to move dirt, a neighbor volunteer. The Boy also came out to help me move dirt one day. But I've still got a menacing pile, though it is much, much smaller than it was 4 weeks ago.

The problem isn't really moving it.  If all I had to do was fill the beds with perfect planting soil, it would be so much easier. The problem is mixing the sandy loam in with the clay soil that is already in the garden beds. I am also adding in manure and peat moss.

Mixing all of this together by hand is taking SO LONG. And the heat doesn't help. I find I am much more productive when the skies are overcast and there is a nice breeze.

I will be SO happy when this dirt is all moved from the parking lot and I can start to clean up the mess in the garden and build stuff with the donated lumber.

We still don't have the water situation worked out yet so I am still having to bring in water for the irises. They're not really growing tall, but I do hope they are building strong, deep roots.

Mr L.H. helped me again on Free Mulch Day. We managed to get 2 loads. We dumped the excess in a pile on some cardboard off to the side.

I'll go through it quickly enough. There is only one more Free Mulch Day this year so I hope I can manage to get all I need to cover areas and prevent weed growth until next spring.

One day at the garden I saw a delivery truck across the street dropping off some new appliances. The driver was happy to hand me the huge cardboard boxes.

They'll work well underneath some new planting beds or under the mulch.


Speaking of mulch, one of the planting beds had been the storage spot for mulch since April. Of course, I had to empty it out so I could fill it in with dirt. Well, I found loads (and loads and loads) of big, fat grubs buried all in the mulch.

It was insane how many there were! I'd move aside some mulch and there would be half a dozen in a small 7x7" space!


I must have pulled hundreds out of that mulch pile!

(shivers again)

I couldn't find anything about whether they (or their future evolved selves) were beneficial or not so I erred on the side of caution. I left them out for the birds to eat.

So, progress is still being made, though much more slowly than I had hoped this month. Everything is pretty much on hold until all the dirt is moved from the parking lot into the garden area.

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