Friday, May 24, 2019

Community Garden - Numbering The Planting Beds

We needed to number the planting beds so folks could easily find the planting bed they were assigned. I thought about numbering bricks or pavers, painting tiles and even making hanging signs.

I finally decided to keep it simple. I would use house numbers. They were large and easy to read, were fairly inexpensive, and they attached to the planting beds so I wouldn't have to worry as much about them disappearing.

As luck would have it, I came across a bunch of house numbers in the clearance section of my local big box hardware store...but they were all polished brass.

Polished brass wouldn't look good against the stain I was using on the planting beds. I would need to paint them. I decided to go with a matte black. I had some leftover Rust-oleum spray paint I could use.

There weren't enough of the polished brass numbers for what I needed in the clearance section but the same brand was also available in black and silver (not on clearance). I got the rest of the numbers I needed in black and one silver (the silver one was also painted).

The screw heads needed to be painted so they would match the house numbers. I pushed them into a piece of cardboard to hold them upright white I sprayed them with the black paint.

A couple of coats of the flat black spray paint was all they needed.

I didn't need to use them right away, but the original retail packaging made great storage containers. The molded plastic protected the newly painted finish from scratches.

A couple weeks later, I was able to attach them. I'm very pleased to see how nice they look on the planting beds.

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