Thursday, January 24, 2019

McCalls Kaumagraph Cross Stitch Transfers from 1941

Here is another great vintage find that we've added to our shop! It's a McCall Kaumagraph Transfer with 12 different cross stitch patterns.

A kaumagraph transfer is simply a type of transfer that uses a special ink with heat (such as an iron) and pressure to transfer the design to a textile. McCall seems to have offered a lot of different kaumagraph transfers in the 1940s for embroidery and, as is the case here, cross stitching.

This pattern set is from 1941. WOW! Think about it...that's 78 years ago! SEVENTY-EIGHT YEARS! I love visualizing someone back then using these patterns to decorate a handkerchief or pillow or towel...

This package comes with 2 transfers per design (the package originally came with 4 copies of each design). 10 to the inch crosses. Instructions are on the back of the envelope. Also includes instructions in French and Spanish on the inside of the envelope.

You can find this McCall Kaumagraph Transfer and other cross stitch patterns in our Etsy shop!

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