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31 Days to Organization - Day 18: Say "NO" to Bulky Blankets & Crammed Cabinets

Happy New Year! January is a time to start begin again with a fresh, clean it is only appropriate that January is National Organization Month! And since many people make a New Year's resolution to become more organized, I've been posting organization tips every day during month of January.

Look around your home. What items take up large chunks of space but are seldom used. Is that ice cream maker or indoor grill something that needs to be out or taking up valuable cabinet space? Do you need ALL those blankets to be in the linen closet or can most of them be stored elsewhere? Wedding momentos and baby keepsakes are wonderful sentimental items to keep, but you could really use that closet shelf for something else. Where do you plan to store the 48 rolls of toilet paper and 60 bottles of water you just got on sale?

The organizing tips that will be shared over the next few days deal mainly with your bulky storage needs. Sure, you should reduce your clutter and toss out unnecessary items. However, those seldom used items that are left over should really be packed up and moved elsewhere. They can be safely "banished" to the basement or the garage or wherever else you have available out-of-the-way space to they don't cramp your everyday routine with their "bulk".

Day 18 - Say "NO" to Bulky Blankets & Crammed Cabinets

Closets and trunks throughout our homes tend to be stuffed full of big, bulky blankets - even in the Winter when all the blankets in the house should be out being used. There are thin, thermal blankets available, as well as "all-season" blankets. Both types can offer year-round comfort without all the bulk. But for those people who love their big, thick, heavy blankets, there is a solution!

Compression bags can take all those large items and shrink their bulkiness down to about a third of their original size. Compression bags also protect against bugs, dust and moisture so instead of putting those newly compacted blankets back in the linen closet, you can safely store them in the garage or the basement without having to worry about them getting ruined by pests or mildew.

I don't recommend compression bags for long-term storage. Fabrics can become severely wrinkled and items like comforters and pillows may never again achieve their original "poof". For seasonal storage, this shouldn't be a problem. If you need to store things for years, consider whether it is something that you need to be keep in the first place. Perhaps it is another opportunity to minimize your "stuff".

An old pillowcase can be used as an inexpensive dust cover for your appliances. 

Have you got any small appliances hanging around your kitchen that are so seldom used you forget you even have them? How about those huge stockpots that come out only once in awhile? Maybe you have a stash of specialty cake pans buried in your kitchen somewhere (how often are you going to make a cake in the shape of a baby carriage?). These items are big and bulky. They don't stack well and they take up space in our cabinets. Move them out!
  • If you have extra space in your pantry, move your large items from your cabinets to a bottom shelf.
  • Small appliances can be relocated to a wide shelf in a garage or basement.
  • Cover appliances with a tarp, plastic sheeting, dust covers (like the ones grandma had on her toaster and mixer), or simply put an old pillowcase over each item to keep garage dust off.
  • If you cover the items individually, label the shelf with the name of the item. You'll know which item to take down and exactly where it goes back.

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