Sunday, December 2, 2018

The Community Garden Project

Our HOA has a community garden. The neighborhood is made up of a bunch of townhomes, most with very small backyards. A community garden seemed like an wish come true and I was thrilled when Mr. LH discovered it while looking at an aerial view of the area. We decided to investigate and what we found was pretty disappointing.

I have no idea how long it had been since the garden was used but it was in really sad shape. However, the potential for the space was clearly there. And even after years of obvious neglect, one of the planting beds had a fabulous patch of wild spearmint growing in it (the spearmint had died back by the time these pictures were taken).

Finding out any information on the garden's history and the HOA's plans for it (if there were any) was difficult and frustrating and I resigned myself to not being able to use the community garden area in my planting efforts.

That was three years ago.

During the latest HOA meeting this past week, the garden area was brought up for discussion. A bordering neighbor expressed concerns about its disrepair and possible safety issues with curious young children nearby. It needed to be cleaned up and repaired or the space needed to be turned into something else.

Lots of these hiding out everywhere. Better get rid of them while the weather is cold!

Reviving our neighborhood community garden seemed like an exciting opportunity for me to gain planting space, improve the neighborhood and make new friends at the same time so I contacted the property management company the following day. It was suggested I prepare a proposal for the next HOA board meeting next month outlining plans and possible costs to the HOA, so I've been gathering information and putting together a group of interested neighbors willing to help.

Hopefully, if the proposal goes well, this is where I'll be spending a lot of my time between snow storms this winter...working side by side with other determined neighbors to restore this to a useful and beautiful place where we can all play in the dirt.

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