Thursday, November 1, 2018

Full Metal Alchemist Halloween - Roy Mustang

The Girl wanted to be Roy Mustang for Halloween this year (from the "Full Metal Alchemist" anime series) and then produced a photo of this elaborate military uniform and explained everything involved. She said it would also be for cosplay after Halloween so the materials needed to be of higher quality than if it were "just" for Halloween. (in hindsight, it would have been faster, easier, less stressful and probably cheaper to have just purchased the actual cosplay costume).

This was not a costume for a beginner, but when I said I wasn't going to make such an elaborate costume this year, she decided that SHE would make it. She's done a great job making fursuits in the past. Perhaps she'd tackle this project with as much enthusiasm and attention to detail...

First she learned how to sew straight stitches on the sewing machine. We also found several uniform shirts of the same color blue on sale at the thrift store that could be pieced together. We also found a pair of blue pants from a set of scrubs that fit her.

All of this was done in August...plenty of time to get the costume completed.

The sewing machine sat on the dining room table through the middle of September. When I mentioned it needed to be used or put away, she said she'd sew it by hand if need be. She never wanted to move beyond just sewing straight stitches on scrap fabric. I think the machine, with it's fast moving needle, intimidated her a bit.

In late September, I did see her work on pulling apart seams and piecing the fabric together.

During Fall Break from school (the 2nd week in October), we went to the craft store to pick up "little" details necessary for the look of the costume...

Shopping List:

  • We needed ribbon to trim the jacket (wouldn't paint work instead?).
  • Cord to loop around one arm (pretty sure I have some yellow yarn we could braid into rope).
  • Stars for the shoulders (I was thinking felt cut into star shapes...she was thinking metal stars...we got yellow star patches instead).
  • White gloves (we both agreed to go with thin white knit winter gloves, $1 at the craft store, instead of dressy gloves).

The weekend before Halloween, I was getting a bit nervous about whether she would have it done in time. But Sunday night she walked downstairs in her almost-finished Roy Mustang costume...and it looked GREAT! She was more than ready when Halloween arrived!
The Girl as Roy Mustang and her friend as Edward Elric

She looked fantastic! I'm sure it won't be long before she dreams up the next costume to make.

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