Sunday, December 28, 2014

DAV State License Plate Keychain Tags

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I love finding something from half a century ago and learning more about it. This week, that something happened to be a bunch of DAV tags from the Disabled American Veterans Ident-O-Tag program.

From the early 1940’s through the mid 1970’s the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) offered Ident-O-Tags to people through the mail. The tags were keys chains resembling their own personal vehicle’s state license plates.

For a small fee (only 25 cents in the 1940’s), your keys would be registered with the DAV. If the keys were ever lost, a good Samaritan could drop the keys into any mailbox, they would be sent to DAV headquarters and from there be mailed, postage paid, back to the rightful owners.

With all the keys people are still losing, perhaps this program should start up again! You can find DAV Ident-O-Tags and other collectibles in our Etsy shop.

UPDATE: These tags have been sold.

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