Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Merry Vintage Christmas

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I love Christmastime. The decorating and caroling. The increased happiness and goodwill. The purchasing or making of gifts specially chosen for each name on my list. Driving through town and seeing all the homes twinkling bright with Christmas lights.

One of my absolute favorites as a child - and one of the few that still has all it's beads still in place.
Most of all, I love the Christmas ornaments. Whether they are mine,  or they belong to someone else, or even if they are still in the store waiting to be bought, Christmas ornaments are special to me. Each one has a could be an old story that has been carried through generations... ...a new story that has only just begun it's annual tradition...
The newest ornament to add to the collection...a gift from my best friend in North Carolina who sent this along with Moravian Sugar Cake and Moravian Ginger Cookies...YUM
...or perhaps an older story that has picked up new chapters along the way.

This little lamb ornament was made by my mom when I was a child. When my now-15-year-old son was a toddler, He wanted it and grabbed for it, pulling the Christmas tree down on top of him. Now it's his favorite ornament because of the history it holds.
I  look forward to unpacking the boxes of carefully wrapped Christmas ornaments. Some are from our travels, but most have been made by my children, myself (as a child and adult) and even by my mom many, many, MANY years ago. The children call them "really old" ornaments. I call them "vintage". The children have their favorites, as do I, and there is usually a small argument or two over who gets to hang what ornament on the tree. But eventually, it gets done. Our Christmas tree is a very "handmade" looking tree. It lacks the tinsel and ribbon with coordinating glass balls. Instead, every branch is crammed full of our rather large and varied selection of ornaments.

This angel has adorned the top of my Christmas tree every year for as long as I can remember.
We all stand back and admire it, pointing out all the ornaments and re-telling their stories. You can find vintage Christmas ornaments available for purchase in our Etsy Shop.

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