Saturday, November 8, 2014

How Peter Started A Search For Paddington

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Peter didn't mean to make me a crazed lunatic. It was completely innocent.

By "Peter", I mean Peter Rabbit (of course).

I found him in a thrift store bin full of jumbled flatware along with one of his mates. (Isn't he cute?)

Then as with most everything I find, I began to do some research...

and when I researched Peter, I discovered this...a Betty Crocker Storybook Dinnerware ad from 1983...

Oneida Storybook Dinnerware Ad 1983

Betty Crocker not only sold the Storybook Dinnerware, but matching flatware as well...Peter Rabbit Flatware and PADDINGTON FLATWARE TOO!!! Oh, and Strawberry Shortcake flatware for any fans out there.

paddington bear youth fork
I was never a Strawberry Shortcake kid (though I sniffed those scented dolls more than any child probably should have) but Paddington was another story! I LOVED Paddington Bear!

I first learned about Paddington when my cousin and I were children. He was three years older than me and had a bunch of the chapter books. He either let me borrow them or I snuck them away to read. I honestly can't remember which.

Paddington and I shared a love of marmalade...sticky, sweet, orangy marmalade. Although I didn't have to worry about it sticking to the fur on my bear paws.

And I envied his big ol' hat...big, floppy and bright yellow (or sometimes red).

Before my second child was even born, I bought him a plush Paddington Bear.

I love Paddington Bear. I want a set of this flatware for myself. It doesn't matter that it is intended for children. I. Want. It. The problem is, Paddington flatware seems to be harder to find than Peter Rabbit Flatware. So now I'm looking. And looking. And looking. That is how Peter made me a crazed lunatic. Looking for something that's hard to find can make you crazy for a bit.

Of course, I could just go to and buy some Paddington flatware for an outrageous amount of money ($20 per piece, anyone?) but that would be too easy (and expensive). I'll look for a bargain first...maybe wait for a co-seller on Etsy to find one somewhere.

Or perhaps I'll get one of the awesome Paddington spoon rings or bracelets made by another Etsy seller, TheBeadLadiesII.

The Peter Rabbit flatware can be found in our Etsy Shop.

UPDATE: The Peter Rabbit flatware has been sold.

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