Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cathrineholm Enamelware

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I recently picked up a large set of dark blue Cathrineholm bowls with the recognizable lotus pattern in white circling their tops.

Cathrineholm was founded in Norway in the 1800's as an ironworks. They later began making enameled cookware. Under the direction of Grete Prytz Kittelsen in the 1950's, Cathrineholm began producing a line of serving pieces and cookware that has become highly desirable.

The incredibly popular lotus pattern is credited to Arne Claussen.

Mid-Century modern and Scandinavian pieces appeal to me but while I usually lean more towards Dansk enameled cookware (because of their unusual handles), I'm beginning to feel the pull of Cathrineholm serving pieces with their bold colors and simple patterns.

You can find these Cathrineholm bowls, as well as other kitchen and dining pieces, in our Etsy shop.

Update: These bowls have been sold.

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