Sunday, October 19, 2014

Vintage Ekco Flint Sauce Ladle

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One of the hard parts about loving what we sell is simply that I just don't want to see a lot of the pieces go.

But we can't keep everything we find! There is a LOT of history and it won't all fit in my house!

So here is one of the most recent but-it-doesn't-take-up-THAT-much-space items I have to let go to someone else's kitchen. It's a vintage Ekco Flint 2 ounce sauce ladle. It's from the 1960's or 1970's.

This smaller 2-ounce size would be perfect for those smaller tasks - serving portion sized helping of sauces, ladling punch into tiny Dixie cups or putting up small jars of preserves and jellies.

The stainless steel part of the handle has "Flint Stainless Steel" and an arrowhead stamped in it.

There are no signs of rust or corrosion anywhere and the pattern on the plastic (melamine?) handle is still quite crisp and clean. I see no visible chips, nicks or cracks in the handle. Obviously, these pieces outlast their modern counterparts.

I keep seeing this pattern being referred to as "Harvest Wheat" but I don't know for sure if it was actually called that.

Besides this 2 oz ladle, there were at least 13 other pieces that I am aware of that make up the full set:
  • short carving fork
  • long fork
  • spatula
  • jumbo spatula
  • large ladle
  • serving spoon
  • large spoon
  • slotted spoon
  • flat spreader/icing spatula
  • offset spreader/icing spatula
  • potato masher
  • strainer
  • dessert server

It was estimated that by the late 1950's Ekco Products produced about 65% of all the kitchen tools used and about 40 percent of the kitchen and table cutlery. In the 1960's, Ekco Products was trading under the name of Flint (as well as many other trade names) and continued to do so into the 1970's.

I may have to build out my own personal set of these vintage pieces myself.

You can find this ladle and other vintage kitchen items at my Etsy shop.

UPDATE: This item has sold, but you can find more great vintage items in our Etsy Shop!

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