Friday, October 31, 2014

Tough Decisions

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There comes a time in life for all of us when we have to make tough decisions.  Some of those decisions can be really difficult and life-changing. I have had my share of those moments...and I still question some of the decisions I finally made.

Nowadays, the decision-making moments are becoming much more frequent (though thankfully not nearly as serious). Decisions like what to keep and what to sell.

I mean, take this red enameled butter warmer.

Yes, it's chipped and probably not usable for it's original purpose, but look at it in another setting...

It's quite charming simply handing by it's handle holding my fresh-cut basil. Now I can imagine it as a flower vase in a guest room. In fact, I like it so much I wonder if I should keep it...

And these copper coated measuring cups...

Although I never could figure out their exact origin and age, it took me several months to decide to go ahead and sell them. I would have been happy simply letting them decorate my kitchen walls.

Here is another enameled piece.

It's the only piece of mid-century Dansk Kobenstyle enamelware that I own. The handles are what attracted me to it. I'd love to acquire more pieces (the turquoise would be lovely). I've had this one for awhile now and haven't used it much, but I can't bring my self to part with it.

Sometimes the decisions regarding what to keep and what to let go can be very difficult indeed.

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