Monday, October 20, 2014

General Electric Alarm Clock Model 7369

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When I spotted this familiar sight on a shopping excursion, I almost squealed with delight.


I really don't understand why. Me and alarm clocks are like oil and water. It could simply be that I spent many of my childhood years with this clock's likeness on my own nightstand.

This is a General Electric Alarm Clock, model 7369. It's so easy to set up and use that I didn't even need a 50-page instruction booklet like the ones that come with those new fandangled alarm clocks. You know, the ones with too many bells and whistles and the snooze button that lets you oversleep...


There is no snooze button on this baby. There is also no soothing-wake-you-up-gently-music. There is only a single-volume buzzer for the alarm. When this alarm clock buzzes you awake (and it WILL buzz you awake), you MUST wake up after turning the buzzer off. It only takes one time of waking up late to get used to this.

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UPDATE: This item has sold.

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