Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"Pin"spiration - Photo Word Art

My "Pin"spirations are things I have found on or through Pinterest that inspired me to try something new, whether it's a new craft, a new project or a new recipe.

It was another one of those one-blog-leads-to-another-blog-which-leads-to-another-blog mornings. In the end, I came across an example of what I'll call "photo word art". The inspiration came from Stephanie at Full Of Great Ideas. Individual pictures of letters and numbers are tiled to create a custom piece of wall art. Fantastic! I had no idea where I would display it yet, but I knew it was going onto my to-do list.

When I finally sat down and made time to create this, it took all of an hour. Of course, it could take longer if you need more time to choose your letter and number photos.

I also made one that highlights our wedding date:

I haven't decided yet which to use but I'm leaning heavily toward the 2nd version.

The photos of letters and number used here came from Leo Reynolds' photostream on Flickr. You are free to use them for non-commercial purposes ONLY.

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