Saturday, June 7, 2014

Hanging Book Holder

It feels good to be able to check another project off the "list". I was first inspired to make this project when I saw a blog post that included a Star Wars Book holder. It graciously pointed me to the original project and tutorial at Mellebug.

This hanging book holder is designed to hang from slats or bars (such as the top of a headboard). Although I had not yet made a headboard that would accommodate this, The Girl and I decided it would work well for the crossbar in the new Play Tent and could be removed whenever she desired.

The original tutorial at Mellebug, is for a larger sized holder. When I first pinned this project, I thought of making something smaller for The Girl. She loved lounging in bed with a book and really just needed something large enough to hold her current read and/or a diary and writing instrument.

That smaller size would work well for this project since the head space in a play tent is a rather small area. The small size also meant I could use more of the fabric scraps I had left over from making the tent.

As an afterthought, I created a small pocket on the side of the holder for a pen or two so they wouldn't get lost in the bottom of the holder.

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