Friday, May 23, 2014

The Science Fair

More stormy adventures awaited us Wednesday afternoon. This time the storm sirens wailed while the "Pickles" were still at school. Mr. LH and I were both at home so we did what all adults do when they don't have to worry about setting a good example...we went outside to see if we could see the tornadoes. (Of course, I did this after I took an armload of stuff to the basement for safekeeping).

Not seeing anything in our area, we parked ourselves on the couch and watched the crazy weather unfold on the news. There were several confirmed tornadoes north and west of us, headed toward the airport.

The schools would not dismiss students as long as there was an active tornado warning in effect so I would have to wait a few minutes longer to pick up the "Pickles". They had been in "Tornado Drill" mode for over an hour by the time they were able to leave.

Once again, we rushed through homework and dinner preparations. Tonight we had a science fair to get to!

Since the students didn't have time to set up their projects before school dismissed, we made sure to get there early to do it. The Girl's class wasn't going to be judged for awhile so we had plenty of time to view other projects once she was set up and ready.

(You can find the details of The Girl's science fair project HERE)

I especially liked this science fair project that determined whether cats have a dominant side like people:

The student observed which paw a cat used to bat at a toy. Looking at the data, I'd say cats DO have a dominant paw, though it seems evenly split between lefties and righties.

(Where do you find SO MANY CATS?)

There was also this project that observed which burgers molded the fastest. The Boy looked at this data as suggested we search out Burger King is there is a zombie apocalypse since those burgers would last longer. They didn't mold in 8 WEEKS? We wondered is the "flame broiling" had anything to do with it.

After strolling through other classrooms viewing their projects, there was nothing left to do but wait for The Girl's class to be judged. Each student is interviewed by one judge and a panel of 8 judges determines the winners for each class.

Mr. LH and The Boy went exploring around the school while The Girl was going through her interview.

After her interview, The Girl went out to play while the judges made their final decisions. We wouldn't find out until the following day who won, but we needed to stick around so we could take our tomato plants home.


The judges were deliberating for a long time that night before making their final decision. The following afternoon The Girl showed me the 3rd place ribbon she received for her project.

She was happy to receive any one of the four available ribbons considering she had some pretty stiff competition in her class! There were projects having to do with bridge building and kinetic energy. I'm more of a biology person so I'm glad that's more of what The Girl gravitates towards. I'm not sure I could be much help with other areas of science.

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