Monday, May 12, 2014

The Merry Merry Month Of May...

Mother's Day weekend is usually deemed "safe" for planting flowers and vegetables. I planned on that when I started my tomatoes and peppers from seed back in March. By the first of May, I had all my Earth Boxes out and ready to go and the seedlings were all more than ready to be transplanted.

The days leading up to Mother's Day were sunny and warm. Then the weekend forecast put everything on hold. The temperature dropped on Thursday. It warmed a bit on Friday. It was gorgeous on Saturday. Then snow started falling the morning of Mother’s Day.

Snow in May is not an unusual occurrence here, but the amount was. A couple inches over the course of the month is normal. This one snowfall had already topped that. And the snow kept falling all day.

Since the trees had all begun to leaf out, we had to keep running outside to shake snow off the limbs to keep them from breaking under all that weight.

The nice thing about a Spring snow is the closeness it encourages in a family. Everyone is stuck indoors (tired of sledding and shoveling) so you begin to look for activities you can all do together.

I spent most of my Mother’s Day afternoon sitting with both of my children at the dining room table painting polymer clay charms. The Boy was making them as part of a school business project (I'll write more on that later) and The Girl wanted to help too.

The following morning, snow was still coming down. We had about six inches of heavy, wet snow stuck to everything. The van had to be dug out and the driveway needed to be shoveled before I could drive The Boy in to school.

The Girl and I decided to walk to her school. It seemed more sensible.

Her hair and clothes were soon covered in tiny perfectly formed snowflakes. It's so neat when you can actually SEE the snowflakes and their little details.

By mid-afternoon, it was still snowing but the roads were dry, the tree limbs had bounced back to normal, and the lawn had received a good watering.

Now I'm hoping the weather cooperates so I can plant my tomatoes and peppers NEXT weekend.

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