Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Garden Project

The Boy needed to do a project for Boy Scouts that "benefited the family". It was springtime and after Mother's Day (the relatively "safe" time to plant). The tomato and pepper plants were more than ready to be transplanted.

What better way to benefit the family than to help plant our garden?

The weather was nice this past weekend so The Boy, The Girl and one of their neighborhood friends spent part of their Saturday afternoon mixing dirt for my EarthBoxes (I had 6 of them this year to fill). It was mixture of compost, peat moss and vermiculite.

I realize kids like to get dirty, but they REALLY liked this...up past their elbows in warm soil. I practically had to fight them to be able to move the finished dirt from the bin to my containers.

The following day, with all the EarthBoxes filled, The Boy and I got to work transplanting 5 pepper plants and three tomato plants (3 more tomato plants would be transplanted once The Girl was finished with her science project).

We also planted cucumbers, pole beans, zucchini and radishes. I have yet to grow a successful batch of radishes, but the plants did so well last year keeping flea beetles away from the zucchini plants that I thought I'd plant some this year to serve the same purpose.

It took several hours for The Boy and I to finish with all the planting and clean up but it feels great to have the garden finally planted!

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