Wednesday, May 21, 2014

And It All Ended With An Awards Ceremony...

Yesterday was quite an adventure. Mr. LH and I spent the morning painting and refinishing an old wheelbarrow I had picked up at a yard sale. By mid-afternoon, the skies darkened and the wind picked up. The wheelbarrow would have to wait to be finished another day.

I left to pick up the "Pickles" from school. The clouds were really rolling in by then and the thunder and lightening started. I felt like an idiot standing outside the elementary school exposed to the elements with a crowd of other parents. The skies were booming overhead while we waited to pick up our precious children from school.

Ten minutes later with The Girl safely with me, we headed over the The Boy's school where he was taking shelter from the storm in his usual spot UNDER A TREE! (sigh) He reported the storm had just passed overhead and dropped some small pea-sized hail.

Once home, it started to hail. I rushed outside to try to protect my newly transplanted tomato and pepper plants. MR. LH and The Boy came out to help since the hail started to come down faster. Right in the middle of us shoving all the containers into the garage, the storm sirens began to wail.  I pushed the last plant into the garage, grabbed our weather radio and The Girl's science fair project and headed downstairs to join the rest of the family. The Girl and I spent countless hours on that project and it was due the next day. I left my purse behind but I was saving that project!

The tornado warning didn't last long but the hail continued to pound the house the whole time. The sound of the hail was so loud we had to shout to hear each other. When the "all clear" finally sounded, the damage had been done. Pea sized to 3/4" hail.

There were a few (more) dings to the car, trees stripped of leaves, piles of hailstones and a huge temperature drop outside.

Thankfully, there didn't seem to be any major damage and all my tomato and pepper plants were still safe in the garage.

Now we needed to rush to get dinner ready and get dressed for The Boy's 8th Grade Award Ceremony that night.

That Award Ceremony was a big deal! Invitations had been mailed to parents several weeks earlier.

It was held at the high school, the students were required to dress up, there were guest speakers, AND refreshments were provided. Really, it was very nice. It made the boy feel very special and happy he was able to participate.

The Boy was quite proud (as was I). He received the Presidential Gold award for maintaining a GPA of 3.5 to 3.99 throughout 8th grade and received awards for Excellence in Science, Math and Social Studies.

I'll have to get him some new dress pants, though. I think he's grown another 2 inches in the past couple weeks. and these are suddenly too short for him.

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