Saturday, April 26, 2014


The Girl had to get braces again.

I thought she would be disappointed since she already went through this before to fix her front teeth, but apparently I was wrong. She was actually excited about it.

Then the orthodontist announced she would need to have four teeth removed. I expected this. You see, she inherited my mouth. The Girl has a smallish mouth that doesn't have enough gum space to neatly house all of her current and future teeth.

She got braces put on all her teeth except the ones being pulled. When we went into the oral surgeon's office to have her teeth removed, naturally The Girl had all sorts of questions about laughing gas and "how much will it hurt?"

Her doctor and his assistant were wonderful with her, answering all her questions and telling her exactly what she could expect. They even told her throughout the procedure how everything was progressing.

The Girl did beautifully. In fact, aside from a few pricks she felt from the initial numbing injections, she didn't feel a thing.

I, on the other hand, felt queezy after watching them pull the first tooth and had to turn away and look out the window. I watched the llamas in a field across the way for the remainder of the procedure. I can't believe there were actually llamas out the window!

Once we got home, I used a dry erase marker to write her prescription schedule on her bathroom mirror so she wouldn't forget to take it on time. She then decided to write all kinds of notes on the mirror. Things like what the medicine tastes like, "No waterpik for a week", "Brush carefully around gums"...

Of course, The Boy had to say something about how the bathroom now smelled caustic from the dry-erase fumes, but Mr. LH was proud of all the notes and mentioned it looked like The Girl had managed to spell most everything correctly.

Anyway, it's been several days since the procedure and The Girl seems to be doing just fine. She went to school the following day and hasn't had any problems with eating and drinking. Thankfully, she also hasn't had much discomfort.

She hasn't mentioned putting her teeth under her pillow. I think she wants to keep them.

On a side note:

I used to be very good about remembering appointments. I found I am better at it during the school year (when I am constantly checking the calendar) then I am during the summer. After missing two separate appointments within a 2 week time period last summer, I knew I had to figure out something to help me remember.

I don't have a smart phone that I can set to remind me and MS Outlook reminders won't do me much good unless I am on the computer. So after re-scheduling those missed appointments, I wrote the new appointments on my calender like normal. The the night before the appointment, I wrote it on my bathroom mirror with a dry-erase marker. Just "Dentist - 8am". I see it first thing in the morning. Mr. LH sees it too, so he reminds me. If it's an appointment for one of the "Pickles", I write it on their bathroom mirror as well so they can accept some of the responsibility for getting to the appointment.

This system has worked so well for us that now, we use the dry-erase marker on the mirror all the time for appointment reminders. This method works better for me than just writing it on the calendar and we haven't missed an appointment since we started doing it.

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