Friday, April 25, 2014

Playing With Sculpey

Back in February, The Girl was watching YouTube videos about her Littlest Pet Shop pets and Pokemon and somehow or another wound up watching videos on making charms out of clay. This intrigued her and she made a list of supplies she would need: polymer clay in various colors, eye pins and paint.

We got her a small multi-color package of Sculpey clay, dug the eye pins and paint out of my craft supplies and she got to work.

It has been wonderful to see the things she has created:

One of my personal favorites...the dragon

Kirby, a doughnut(?) with sprinkles, a snake

This one is supposed to be a miniature phone case with a bee/bug on it

Persian (in progress) - modeled from one of her Pokemon cards

Her latest creation is a "Daddy" charm. It's only about 1 inch tall. She'll paint the face on once it's baked.

I love that the Sculpey stays soft until it is baked. She is constantly bouncing from one project to the next and we don't have to worry about clay drying out in the meantime. She just creates several, makes changes as needed and then we bake a bunch at a time.

Aside from needing to use some of my personal stash of white Sculpey, The Girl is still using the original multi-pack clay we got her. It really goes a long way! She's made about 30 charms, big and small, finger puppets and even tried to make her own Littlest Pet Shop pets and accessories.

It's probably the best $7 we've spent on her.

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