Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Out With The Old...

I received a notification last week from Microsoft. They were ending support for Windows XP on April 8th, 2014.


My computer was the only one left in the house that still ran the XP operating system.

Normally, I wouldn't care. XP has been very good to me throughout its many years. I haven't had issues with it as I have with more recent Windows versions. I would just keep happily using it. However, since security updates for XP would also be ending, I couldn't just turn a blind eye.

I needed to switch.



Luckily, I have another machine. It is almost as old but it's not quite the senior dinosaur in the house. It runs Windows Vista. For reasons even I can't now explain, I packed it up and have had it in its box for over a year. This weekend I pulled it out and cleared it of everything unnecessary (mostly the countless games Elder Boy had continued to load onto it).

Then I started moving files. And photos. And emails. And bookmarks. Absolutely everything came off that computer and was moved to the "new" one. And what a chore that was! (Really, it was a pain. NOT the way I had hoped to spend my weekend.)

Well, my software wouldn't work. It was glitchy. It was slow. Apparently, it's because it was Vista.

Once again, I started moving files...this time to the external drive to stay for awhile. I decided to go ahead and upgrade this newer machine to Windows 7.

I plan to give the old XP machine an upgrade to Windows 7 too, but I may just wait several days to recuperate from this latest upgrade. I think it's funny how much faster it runs now that I've removed all my files and folders from it.

Though it's not in her room, The Girl is thrilled we now have two working computers in the office. She can now do her homework and play her games while I work instead of us having to share one machine.

(If you are running XP, here's the page Microsoft directed me to: End Of Support Guidance.)

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