Monday, November 4, 2013

Tomato Snatcher

I feel quite lucky to still have some tomatoes hanging around this late in the year. They haven't yet been damaged by frost even though we've already has several small snowfalls this fall.

Keeping the tomatoes on the vines to ripen has made some of the local wildlife feel pretty lucky as well. The squirrels have been swiping my tomatoes every day for a week now. This one was bold enough to do it right under our noses...

The little guy must have been really hungry because I was able to get pretty close without scaring him off.

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013 - Link and Anna Valerious

Every year, the "Pickles" come up with their costume idea almost at the last minute. Thankfully, I usually have enough time to put something together.

This year, The Girl decided to be Anna Valerious (from the Van Helsing movie) and The Boy wanted to be Link (from The Legend of Zelda game).

Lucky for us, our Halloween costume bin has grown so much from past year's costumes all we needed for this year were a a few thrift store purchases and three small homemade pieces.

For The Girl's costume, we were trying to only hint at Anna Valerious because the actual outfit is a bit too elaborate.

We found a corset-type vest (too large for The Girl  right now but it worked), a loose red blouse and black boots all at the thrift store. We used the red blouse because we couldn't find a red jacket that would work.

We had her wear a cape we already owned (thick black cotton with a red flannel lining that was originally made for a vampire costume - you can get a better look at it HERE.) and my black leather gloves because it was pretty chilly out that night and her shirt was only a 3/4 sleeve.

For The Boy, pulling off Link's costume was a tad easier. we already had the tunic,
scabbard, belt, gloves and undershirt already in our Halloween bin (or in our closets).

The pants were purchased at a thrift store. They are just women's knit pants. I can fit into them so they won't go to waste. Unfortunately, we couldn't find light brown or beige/ivory pants that would work so we went with a darker brown pant.

Link's hat, wrist covers and boots (which are really only shoe covers) were all handmade from fabric purchased at a thrift store.

The hat was very easy to make. I used jersey knit fabric and a free pattern I found online at

The wrist covers (I think they're called bracers?) were made by just fashioning a "sleeve" out of green and brown a leg warmer for the arm.

The boot covers were more trial and error (more error than anything else) but were fashioned using some black boot covers as a "guide". It would have probably looked better had we just bought brown boot covers but people weren't really paying attention to his footwear anyway.

DISCLOSURE:This post may contain affiliate links. I earn from qualified purchases. Thank you for supporting Little House In Colorado.