Monday, June 17, 2013

A Bowling Bargain

We signed up the family for "Summer UnPlugged" bowling at AMF. The "Pickles" could bowl 2 games for free every day all summer long. For $35, I could sign up Mr. LH and I for the same deal - 2 games everyday all summer.

The Girl's new bowling shoes paired up with her "lucky socks"

Mr. LH and I had our own bowling shoes. We bought a pair for The Boy at a thrift store and purchased a new pair for The Girl (at $2.50 a rental, we knew it wouldn't take long to break even on the shoes).

We don't go bowling everyday. But we go a lot. Maybe 2 to 3 times a week.

Sometimes all of us would go. Sometimes just me and one child.

It's great to go there just to enjoy the air conditioning for a couple of hours.

What kind of split is THAT???

We've already gotten our money's worth! We'll get three months of bowling for the family for $35 (plus the cost of the shoes)! And it eliminates a lot of possible summer boredom.

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