Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spring Has Finally Sprung

Although most of the deciduous trees still look dormant all across the state, lawns are turning green, dandelions are popping up everywhere and the sun pops out long enough to warm things up a bit. It looks as though the worst of the weather might FINALLY be past us allowing Spring to show itself.

Because of that, I started making my worm composter. I needed worms for the composter and not wanting to deal with a company online, I contacted Nick's Garden Center in Aurora to see if they had any available. Thankfully they did, giving me an excuse to go there to spend the afternoon browsing everything they had available.

I've always enjoys the garden centers at Lowe's and Home Depot but Nick's is so much better. It looks small from the road, but that place just keeps going and going and going! It's HUGE! And chances are, they have what you're looking for.

Trees, shrubs, fruits and veggies...

All kinds of flowers...

Fountains and statuary...

I love this peacock!
Need a pot in a particular color? Search for it here. Each section of shelves holds a different color in all kinds of designs. You can even mix and match with bases if you want.

This is one of the many greenhouses on site - and, according to a happy employee, filled with overstock of what was up front in the main parts of the store. (You can still shop from this area - it's a lot calmer in the greenhouses than in the main part of the store)

There are several ponds on site. You can even sign up for a pond building workshop or a pond-less waterfall building workshop.

Select the koi you want for your pond...

Get tadpoles and snails, too...

How about mulch? Choose from all kinds!

Of course, we managed to remember our worms...along with a few other goodies. It only took us 2 hours at Nick's to finally get to the cash register to buy them...

I didn't get to see everything Nick's had to offer.... Guess I have to go back next weekend :)

Note: Nick's Garden Center did not pay me to write this. I doubt they know this blog exists. I just really, really, really like it there...can you tell? And FYI, Nick's is a locally owned small business. Just one more reason to shop there.

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