Saturday, March 23, 2013

Homemade Seed Pots

The last couple years in Colorado have taught me to not rush Spring. Even though the calender says it's Spring, I know better than to expect the weather to understand.

The last frost date here is May 15th. Coming from North Carolina, May seemed awfully late to be planting and in previous year I actually doubted the validity of that date. But nature decided to teach me a lesson and snow and freezing temperatures last April made me decide I'd better get used to doing my planting in May.

Still, I brought plants out of the garage to get some sun by the kitchen windows.

I started to set up and fill the Earthboxes.

And I started my tomato and pepper seeds. It was then that I realized I needed something to start my seeds in. I never really cared for the Jiffy pellets I'd used in the past. They never seemed to break down properly in the soil once planted. I was also looking for ways to save money. I knew there was a way to make seed pots from newspaper, but I had lots of toilet paper rolls in my recycling/craft bin.

I decided to turn those empty toilet paper rolls into seed pots. With just a few snips of the scissors...

And a few folds...

And one piece of masking tape...I had a seed pot.

Repeat a dozen more times and I have a nice collection of tomato and jalapeno seeds started in toilet paper tubes filled with coconut coir on the kitchen counter (no wonder my kids' friends think I'm nutty).

At least I was able to get SOME gardening in before the first Spring snow fell...

Over 11 inches of it...

I guess we'll be going back to our Winter activities now.

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