Thursday, October 11, 2012

Do You Freecycle?

Have you ever joined a freecycle group?  It's a great way to get usable items for free or donate items you don't need anymore to someone who can use it. If you're looking for something specific, you can ask for it and offers range anywhere from old paint buckets and broken gear to clothing, furniture, appliances and electronics. I joined a group back in North Carolina, but had not joined a group since moving west. Now with our budget in place, I thought of going back to Freecycle to find second hand things before we bought something new.

Since I learned how to can, I also thought of the excess fruits and veggies people often have in their gardens. I haven't seen a lot of backyard gardens here (though I haven't , but they do have community areas where people claim a section and garden.  There are also several farms to the east and south as well.Maybe there would be someone who was willing to give away their excess harvest. It would also be a great place to list the stuff I have around the house that we no longer needed or wanted or couldn't sell at a yard sale.

Soon after signing up, I gave away a couple things and even managed to score some canning jars but things were pretty hit or miss.  There is high demand for the things people list to give away so many times, you don't get the item listed. I had about 30 responses to one of my offers but only one item to give.

Now fast forward several weeks. I had been watching the offers coming through and happened to see one for a food processor. I have been wanting a food processor for awhile (almost as long as I've wanted my Kitchenaid mixer) but just never pulled the trigger. In fact, I was just eyeballing food processors last week at Target.  I was worried I was too late responding to the offer (it was only about 30 minutes old) but a few hours later I had an invitation to come pick it up. Woo Hoo!

It is an older model, but it is clean, in great shape, and comes with both blades and the instructions. I was so giddy with excitement to receive this. It's like an early birthday present for me!

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