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Pattern For Crochet Water Bottle Holders

I know there are several patterns around on the internet for crocheted water bottle holders. But when I was looking for one back in December, I couldn't find one I I made my own. I have done several variations, for several different sized bottles, all using the same basic pattern.

Crochet Water Bottle Holders

Cotton Yarn - Lily Sugar 'n Cream 2.5 oz ball
Hook Size H

Note - This strap can be made to whatever length you choose. The directions below are for the length I made. If you want it longer, chain more in the first step. If you want the strap shorter, chain fewer. With this length, I am able to carry my water bottle with the strap across my body and the water bottle hanging at my hip. (I am 5' 6" tall)

1. Chain 182 leaving about a 12 inch yarn tail
2. SC in 2nd chain from hook then SC across
3. Chain 1, turn, SC across
4. Repeat row 3 until your strap is as wide as you want it (I usually do 2 more rows)
FO leaving about a 12" yarn tail

Note - if you are making this water bottle holder for the 16.9 oz bottles from the store, move from round 5 to round 7 skipping round 6. Please remember all stitch counts shown at the end of each round's directions are for the larger diameter size.

MR (Magic Ring - there is a great tutorial for this at Plant June), chain 1
1. 6 SC in ring
2. 2SC in each SC (12)
3. (2st, SC) 6 times (18)
4. (SC, SC, 2st) 6 times (24)
5. (SC, 2st, SC, SC) 6 times (30)
6. (2st, SC, SC, SC, SC) 6 times (36)
7. in BL only, SC in each stitch (36)
8. in both loops, SC in each stitch (36)

at this point, you can continue to SC around until your water bottle holder base is as tall as you would like it then slip stitch around the top, FO then sew your strap to each side using the extra long yarn tails. This basic SC pattern works for yarns that are multi-colored as shown below on the left.

The water bottle on the left is a basic SC pattern with no stitch variations done. It used every bit of a 1.75oz ball of cotton yarn. The water bottle holder on the left has one row of triangular chain stitching around the base (see pattern below)
If you would like to add some stitch variations to your water bottle holder, here are a couple options:

Double Crochet (start at the beginning of whatever round you want for the look you want):

This pattern variation is for a water bottle holder with a base 36 stitches around

- Chain 3, skip next stitch (DC, chain 1, skip next stitch) 17 times, SL to connect to beginning of row (36)
- Chain 1, SC in each stitch (36) Some of the available stitches are pretty tight. I find it easier with some of these stitches to SC through the front loops only but when I can, I SC through both loops.
- SC in each stitch (36)

Triangular Chain Stitching (start at the beginning of whatever round you want for the look you want):

This pattern variation is for a water bottle holder with a base 36 stitches around

- (SC, Chain 5, skip 3) 9 times, SL
- SL, SL, SC (this SC should be in the middle of the chain made in the previous round) (Chain 3, Skip 5, SC) 9 times
- In front loops, SC around
- In both loops, SC around

I try to attach the straps 1/2 inch to 1 inch down from the top of the holder and I stitch them all the way around on the open sides. This makes it stronger. If I am working with solid colors, I place the strap on the outside. If you are working with a multi-color yarn, you may wish to attach the strap to the inside.

Slip stitch around the top edge of your bottle holder (stitching through the strap when you get to it). This makes the top edge stronger and adds some strength to the place where your strap connects. Some of my water bottles are pretty big and can be VERY heavy when they are full. I want to make sure the strap will hold the weight. I also learned that a wider strap makes the holder much more comfortable when you have a  larger water bottle to carry.

Close-up of the strap attachment and the slip stitches across the top


  1. Confusion about the stitch abbreviations - on the base instructions what does 2st mean - is that for 2 slip stitches? It seems to make a weird puffy design if I follow it like that. Clarification would be appreciated- I love the look of your holders and want to get it right!! :) Thanks.

  2. Hi Serena! The 2st means 2 single crochets in one stitch. Enjoy!

  3. Hi, I'm kind of new to crochet and I'm just wondering about the abbreviation for beginning the Base: MR, chain 1. I do know what chain 1 is, but what does the MR stand for?

  4. Hi Julie,
    MR stands for Magic Ring. It's a way to begin crocheting in the round without leaving a hole in the middle. There is a great tutorial on it at the Planet June website:
    You can, of course, make the water bottle holder without using the magic ring, but I find it easier to do.

  5. Thank you so much. That worked out pretty well for me. I'm excited about finishing my new project.

  6. Thank you so much Trish!!! I finish the bottle holder with your instructions. I'm so excited because I'm a beginner crocheting. I will like you can see my proyect. God bless you!!! :)

  7. Thank you so much for the pattern. Was looking for the pattern for so long, it is easy and fun project to do. Thanks once again.

  8. Thank you for sharing your pattern (s)! I am not clear which stitch number to use for your standard 12-oz store bought plastic water bottles (1st photo, clear bottle on the left)

  9. Thank you for sharing your pattern (s)! I am not clear which stitch number to use for your standard 12-oz store bought plastic water bottles (1st photo, clear bottle on the left)

  10. Brenda Z, when crocheting the base, do steps 1 through 5, skip step 6, then start again at step 7. That's for the standard store-bought water bottle. You may want to place the base against the bottom of a water bottle to check the sizing. You can always make the base a little bigger if need be. Thanks for stopping by!

  11. I made my first one of these quite a long time ago and although it is faded and shabby, people always ask me to make one for them. I have made a ton! They are a fun,short project and are very useful. Thanks so much for the great pattern!

  12. What does SL stand for?

  13. Hi! Sorry, I just saw your question. SL stands for slip stitch.

  14. Great pattern and very flexible.

  15. Hiya, I was just wondering if i could sell these once made. I will of course give the pattern credit to you. many thanks

  16. Hi Georgia! Thanks for asking! Sure, you can sell them with pattern credit!

  17. Hi, great pattern..the thing is I just need the base to be bigger.. Plz help..

  18. Hi! To make your base bigger, expand after step #6 by adding another 6 stitches to the next row. So #6 says (2st, SC, SC, SC, SC) 6 times until you have 36 stitches total in the row. In the next row, you would do (SC, 2st, SC, SC, SC, SC) 6 times and should wind up with 42 stitches in the row.

    Place your bottle on the base to see if it needs to be bigger. If it needs to be bigger, expand by 6 stitches again (SC, SC, 2st, SC, SC, SC, SC) 6 times. Ifthe base is the right size, continue onto #7 in the instructions for the base.

    Hope this helps!

    1. Thanks a lot worked last question just to make we sl st at the end each round or we work as a spiral?

    2. Thanks a lot last question just to make sure.. Do we slst at the end of each row or we work as a spiral?

  19. Yes, looks like I mention it for the first row but don't after that. Sorry about that! When you are doing the sides, use a slip stitch to join the round. This is mainly for the double crochet version (the green water bottle carrier). With the others, I haven't had a problem working in the round.

  20. Is there a pdf version of this

  21. Hi Jomo50, there is not a pdf version.

  22. My problem whenever I crochet a strap is that it stretches and stretches afterwards so it is never the length I want once I start using it.


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