Thursday, May 10, 2012

My (Earthbox) Garden

Last year I had one Earthbox. I had a great crop of pole beans.

Early this year, while the snows still fell, I bought another Earthbox. I figured I'd double the food production on the patio.

These two have the optional staking system.
Then my mom bought me an EarthBox for my anniversary. I set it up for growing a couple of the Roma Tomatoes I started from seeds.

And then she bought me another two for Mother's Day. They arrived Saturday and I spent a good part of the afternoon enjoying the sunshine and setting up my newest EarthBoxes while Turtly roamed the yard munching on weeds.

Three of the EarthBoxes have coconut fiber instead of soil. The coconut fiber comes in compressed blocks that need to be soaked in water and then broken apart.

I had to use a large rock to weigh down the block and keep it under the water...

Then break apart the quickly expanding block and place the fibers in the EarthBoxes. It takes 3 blocks of coconut fiber to fill an entire EarthBox and it can be used year after year.

Is it just me or does this picture make the coconut fiber look like a heap of dog food?
That's FIVE EarthBoxes ready to be planted. It's starting to look like an Earth Box compound out on the patio!

I have 3 boxes ready for the tomato and jalapeno seedlings and I have already sown cucumber and pole bean seeds in the remaining two. I know, I know...I'm not supposed to plant until after Mother's Day - but the weather guy said it would be alright. No freezing weather for the next week...supposedly. My basil and cilantro will be scattered in other containers.

I sure am looking forward to this year's harvest!

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Joy said...

That's great! You'll be able to grow quite a bit with 5! We finally built a few raised beds this year, and I love them. Hooray for backyard veggie gardening!

Anonymous said...

Landed here all the way from India, while searching for details on the EARTHBOX. Thanks for the post.
We wish you the best and pray that your dreams of living in a homestead do come true.
- Regards