Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Cards

It was the Monday before Mother's Day and I had no cards to send with our gifts to all the Moms. Not wanting to go BACK out to the store to buy cards (since it takes me forever to pick one out and cards are so outrageously expensive nowadays), I decided to make some.

Using some cardstock and some scrapbook paper scraps, The Girl and I punched out lots and lots of circles (both 1" and 1 1/2")...

...then folded them in half and glued them into balls (well, they were actually half balls) and then glued the balls to paper scrap "stems" and "leaves".

Then, using colored pencils, I added a buzzing bee and some text on the outside...

...and the inside, too.

I wanted to use my letter stamps to make the message on the cards but I have no clue where my stamps are (probably buried in a packed box somewhere). Still, I was very happy with the finished cards and Mr. LH loved them - not only because they were basically free (we had all the materials on hand) but because they were pretty and not generic looking like many of the store-bought cards.

I didn't worry about the flowers being too thick for envelopes since these cards were all going into packages, but the flowers will fold down so the card can slide into an envelope without bulging it out.

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Hank hendricks said...

Beautiful and amazing cards...I'll keep it in mind and will use if i remember but also use Gift Card envelopes for it.