Monday, April 2, 2012

Vail and the Film Festival - Day 2

Our second day in Vail was more about seeing the sites rather than the film festival. We woke early and while Mr. LH was finishing up getting ready, the "Pickles" and I headed downstairs to the fantastic lobby of the Holiday Inn.

We had breakfast at the Westside Cafe, located in the hotel then took the (free) hotel shuttle to Vail just north of the covered bridge. Of course, we had to stop and look around a bit.

And wherever the "Pickles" find a running body of water, they have to stop and toss a few rocks in.

They also wanted to go straight on to the Pirate Ship Park they remembered from last year so we strolled through the village...

toward the Vista Bahn ski lift and the park.

Of course, there is another part of the creek running right by the park too, and they just had to play in it as well...

While Mr. LH and I enjoy relaxing while the "Pickles" do their thing, we didn't want to spend our entire weekend watching them play in a creek. They can do that closer to home. So we rounded them up and went for a short stroll down a path and back up.

But ten minutes later they were exploring yet another section of will be kids...

The Boy is standing on sheets of ice that cross the creek. The ice was gone by the next day.

We had made reservations at a restaurant called bōl which has several bowling lanes in the back of the building. Reservations were a "must have" to get a lane and when we called that morning, only 2pm reservations were available. When the clock started telling us we should be heading to the restaurant, the "Pickles" semi-reluctantly pulled their hands (and sticks) from the creek.

bōl  has a pretty posh set-up for bowling. Everything looks sleek and modern and really, really nice.

In case you missed it in the video above, Mr. LH told The Boy to "just get them all with one ball"...and he did....I don't know why he insisted on bowling with one hand in his pocket the whole time though...

The rate is $50 per lane for one hour of bowling and $5 shoe rental (per person). Yep, we paid $70 for the four of us to bowl for one hour. Haven't you heard? Nothing in Vail is cheap, except the free bus service. We opted out on having lunch while we bowled since we were still full from breakfast. We had a great time, though. And it seems they extended our hour session so we could finish our second game.

After bowling, we took one of the buses back to the hotel. The "Pickles" had been eyeing the pool and wanted to give it a go. The pool was heated but it was still outside. I thought it might be too chilly to swim, but they jumped right in without having to "get used to the water".

In fact, the water felt warmer than the air and I thought about going back up to the room to change into my swimsuit...but I didn't. I just took off my shoes, rolled up my pants legs and got some sun (a bit too much, as it turns out). It seemed very strange to be sunning when there was snow on the mountains around us.

After a couple hours of swimming and sunning, we once again headed back to Vail, this time heading into Lionshead where we could get Blue Moose Pizza. In planning ahead, Mr. LH and I thought this was a restaurant the "Pickles" would enjoy.

 They got to draw on the "tablecloth"...

Even Mr. LH picked up some crayons. He drew the "Pickles" swimming and "Mama getting sunburned".

The Boy was quite pleased (and surprised) by the cheesiness of his pizza...and he got the benefit of acquiring his sister's mushrooms (Mr. LH got all my olives).

 We wandered around Lionshead after dinner, just taking in everything...

and found a hat for The Girl that she wore for the rest of the vacation...Have I mentioned that she likes wolves AND ferrets now?

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