Sunday, April 15, 2012

"Pin"spiration - Fabric Covered Binder Clips

My "Pin"spirations are things I have found on or through Pinterest that inspired me to try something new, whether it's a new craft, a new project or a new recipe.

When we moved, I had several containers out and as I came across something small in an odd place (like in the junk drawer, I would toss it into its designated container. I did this with things like erasers, pencil sharpeners, binder clips, safety pins, random dice, etc. Now we have a container FULL of binder clips in all different sizes.

We use them for the obvious things like holding stacks of documents together, but once I started looking for different uses for binder clips, I was amazed at the possibilities. Not only that, but I came across a quick and easy tutorial for covered binder clips. The tutorial covers the clips in paper, but I did the same process using fabric scraps.

I even made some matching magnets for a couple of the clips.

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