Monday, March 5, 2012

Winter Warm-Up

Right about this time in North Carolina, we would get our one (and sometimes our only) major snowfall and then the weather would bounce around for a bit  for the rest of the month before it started to really look like Spring. After last year, with frozen precipitation falling on into May, I don't expect much warming until after the "Pickles" get out of school for Summer vacation. But we do get some sunny weather and we do enjoy it when it happens.

This past weekend, Mr. LH and the "Pickles" washed the cars in the driveway, much to the neighborhood children's delight. They were all running around playing in the icy water from the hose in clothes more appropriate for summer wear.

She's wearing flip flops in the snow...another sign she's going native
Then the "Pickles" headed out the back door to practice for a bit with the bows and arrows.

Not sure if the open mouth is supposed to help your aim...
With a few pointers from Daddy...

The warm weather has got me outside in a t-shirt eyeing my perennials a bit too much (spring fever, I guess), though it's supposed to disappear by Wednesday when another storm system moves in (the warm before the storm). We might be back in boots sledding down hills again before the week is out...

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