Thursday, March 8, 2012

Knit and Purl (and Curl?)

I picked up a neat colored yarn awhile back (Hobby Lobby, I Love This Yarn, #902 Berries, 100% Acrylic) and decided to make something out of it. I have neglected my yarn stash for so long with all my other crafting going on so one night  I picked up this yarn and started crocheting a scarf. About 50 rows into it decided I really should be practicing my knitting. I actually pulled out all those 50 rows of crochet and started over by knitting. I must be crazy. So here it is 3 evenings later:

I'm getting better about keeping my stitches even...and thankfully getting faster (though it only took me one evening to get this far crocheting the piece). I do have one concern though...the scarf seems to be curling inward as I go.

I'm not wanting a tube scarf so this is a bit discouraging. I have no idea if this is normal or what could be causing it. I'm wondering if blocking it after I'm done would help. I may be pulling out 50 rows of knitting to start over again. But that's okay (I guess). I could use the practice.

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Joy said...

Stockinette stitch (which is knitting the front, purling the back) will curl. It's a fact of life, unfortunately. Which is why you don't see many knitted scarves that are just stockinette. You can use a garter stitch (knit front and back) border to prevent the curling.

Trish said...

Thank you so much! Who'd have thought it...I was just trying to think of something to practice the stitch on never thinking it would curl like that...