Friday, March 23, 2012

"Favorite Book Character" Day

The Girl announced Wednesday afternoon (while she was stalling with her homework) that Friday was "Dress Up As Your Favorite Book Character Day". There is no telling how long she has known about this. I'm sure an announcement was made that said "Don't forget...this Friday...".

She wanted to be Laura Ingalls. This didn't surprise me since we've been slowly reading the Little House series since last Summer. It's something she looks forward to every night at bedtime.

We are currently reading These Happy Golden Years. I was concerned she would lose interest as Laura grew older and the stories became less about little girl and more about a young woman. The Girl has actually been more interested since she has been waiting all this time for Laura and Almanzo to get together.

When The Girl made this announcement, I felt both happy and helpless at the same time. I was happy she would choose such a book character. Laura was probably my favorite book character when I was young. I felt helpless because here we were with only a day and a half to put together some sort of costume.  She said if we couldn't do Laura, she wanted to be a wolf...Laura it was.

There was not enough time to make a dress, though The Girl insisted I could (never mind that I'd have to buy the pattern and material AND make it in one day) so I took a chance and went to the thrift store to see what I could find. As luck would have it, I found a dress in her size that could pass for "homestead" though it looked too fancy for Laura. She was worried people would think she was the snooty Nellie Oleson. I assured her that without the golden blond curls and the bad attitude, people wouldn't think she was Nellie. We decided it would be Laura's Sunday dress. I also found a cream colored skirt that she could wear under the dress as a petticoat. She also opted to wear leggings under her dress so people couldn't see up her skirt when she was on the playground. Too bad we didn't have any pantalets :)

Thankfully, she already had a bonnet to wear. We bought the bonnet for her when we attended Christmas In The Soddies at the Plains Conservation Center in 2010. She wouldn't be allowed to wear the bonnet on her head in school because of a no hat rule, but we decided that having it hanging down her back was better anyway because that's what Laura always did. Besides, with the bonnet down her back you can see the ribbons in her braided pigtails.

Mr. LH mentioned the possibility of putting her lunch in a tin pail. I thought that was a great idea, but we weren't able to do that before it was time to leave for school.

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