Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekend Break

We had a long weekend. The snow started Thursday night and continued into Saturday leaving 13 inches of snow all around us (though nearby Denver got a record breaking 16 inches and other areas got 3 feet or more). I-70 was closed east of the city and at one point, I-25 was closed in places so icicles could be removed from overpasses. It's the little things like icicle on bridges that I would never have thought about before moving here.

The snow was enough to pack the grocery stores on Thursday, close the schools on Friday and crowd all the sledding hills on Saturday.

13 inches - that makes 53" so far this snow season
The Girl is helping to clean off the van
The Boy shoveling a path to the driver's side door (not that I'll be going anywhere in the van anytime soon...)
Next to the mound of snow from the driveway. At some point, you run out of places to toss the snow.
Playing in the mound of snow tossed from the sidewalks
The VERY crowded sledding hill

The walk home
And on Sunday, well, that was spent watching the Super Bowl.

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