Saturday, December 3, 2011


Saturdays are our lazy days, but a look inside this one made me rethink the word "lazy"...more like "Full yet very relaxing". Take a look:

Baking...a new oatmeal cranberry walnut cookie recipe (unanimously voted as the best oatmeal cranberry walnut cookie recipe we've tried so far - of about 4 different versions)

Crafting...a pterodactyl mask (at least, that's what The Girl decided it would be when it didn't turn out looking like a T-rex)

Grading...piles of papers (my sweetie's work is never done)

Slow Cooking...stew with dumplings made from the last of the turkey we froze after Thanksgiving (I love having dinner cooking all day in a slow cooker on cold snowy days)

Building...with Legos, of course

Shoveling...the driveway and snow for the 2nd time in three days that the walkway is clear, it's easier to get outside to do such necessary things as playing

Sledding...down the big hills at Seven Hills Park

Warming...with coffee (2nd pot of the day) and hot chocolate Christmas music (a fifty cent thrift store purchase that was well worth many times the price)

Ironing...fabrics. This always seems much more relaxing than the tedious chore of ironing laundry

More Crafting...wing additions to The Girl's pterodactyl

Gaming...with Band Hero

Plotting...the possible creation of a skirt for The Girl (and maybe even a matching one for myself) with some leftover fabric

Watching...WALL-E (it SHOULD have won Best Picture)

Playing...20 Questions :)

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Joy said...

Love Tia's pterodactyl! It looks like a great Saturday!