Monday, December 5, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Last Thursday,on December 1st when we had the 4th snowfall of the year (October 8th, October 26th and a week later on November 2nd), The Boy made the comment at 7 o'clock in the morning, "But it's ONLY a couple inches!" Only, he says...he must be going native.

Two winters ago a couple of inches of snow would have sent the "Pickles" screaming with joy out the front door to go play. In NC, our "major snowstorm" of the year usually came at the beginning of March and dropped three or four inches of snow, stopping the city in it's tracks (and usually by March the city would be out of the necessary salt/sand supplies to deal with the roads). It's not that The Boy doesn't get excited by the snow anymore. It's that he doesn't want to leave the house EARLY to WALK TO SCHOOL in it since I won't drive (I admit to being a horrible snow driver and won't endanger anyone by getting into the car on snowy days).

Well, the piddly couple of inches turned into about 5 or so inches by the end of the day (the drifts made it harder to get an accurate measurement). The next night the snow had melted enough for us to get out of the house for a bit.  It seems this was the weekend for a lot of people to put up their decorations. We were able to see Christmas lights everywhere! It was beautiful! It really looked and felt more like the Christmas season with all those little Christmas lights shining on the snow.

Two days later on December 3rd, we awoke to more snow (about three more inches) falling from the sky...light, powdery, even "dry" snow (can snow be dry?). There was no way we could make a snowman with it, but it worked well for sledding with the snow disc (though not so well with the old wooden sled).

The Girl was able to go faster (I think it's a weight thing), but here's a video of one of The Boy's first treks down the hill (It IS a great sledding hill):

Even Mr. LH and I each took a turn down the hill (It was great fun though I wound up with snow up my shirt).

Since we only had the one sled this time, the "Pickles" had to take turns. I'm thinking they're going to be receiving a couple of new sleds this Christmas. The Girl spent her waiting time burying herself in the snow.

It was funny...the temperature was 22 degrees and dropping when we were sledding. And there were LOTS of people out sledding. Here were all these people, bundled up, standing out in 22 degree weather, watching their kids having fun and NOT complaining about the cold (and I know it was cold because as bundled up as I was, my fingers and toes were numb). THOSE are real Coloradans!

Our neighbor was out shoveling the walk in nothing but a long sleeved shirt and knit pants and sneakers (while I was wearing long johns, jeans, 2 tops, 2 pairs of socks, snow boots, heavy coat, gloves, hat...)

Sunday afternoon, we waited for yet ANOTHER blast of the frozen stuff to fall. It didn't start until after dark, but sure enough, this morning there was a fresh layer (one inch) of snow!

I don't mind snow on weekdays because I don't have to drive in it (Mr. LH hates it, though). I was walking The Girl to school this morning with three of her friends (imagine keeping four children together on the shoveled sidewalks instead of bouncing around playing in the deeper snow) and when we finally got to the school, the thermometer said it was 7 degrees! (I didn't feel very cold until I saw that - and I still had to make the walk back home)

It's nice to have temps that match the season. By the way, if you're keeping up with it, that's 23" of snow we've received at our house so far this season. I can honestly say I have never been able to say that before :)

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