Thursday, December 1, 2011

Handmade Fabric Gift Bags

After cutting out the fabric I needed for my box pouches, I still had a lot of fabric left over. What to do, what to do...

I had been brainstorming the best way to make the Santa Gift Bags for the kids and in the process, thought about regular gift bags. I have long been thinking about wrapping gifts in fabric, but had never gotten around to it. Instead of just creating a big square or circle to wrap around something (though I like the simplicity of that), I wanted it to be more of an envelope or bag with a ribbon attached. A sort of all-in-one gift wrap that everyone in the house could easily use. Possibilities were spinning around in my head one night keeping me awake when I knew I just absolutely HAD to get out of bed and make one. So I did (at 1am).

Then the next day, I made three more...

The black and silver set are a little bigger than the first two.

A couple days later I tried the same design (though slightly wider and taller) with some store-bought ribbon. It's not as durable as the fabric ribbons, but it still worked well.

The ribbon made the project much quicker and makes the bag reversible (since the ribbon coordinates with both fabrics). Though if you reverse it, you will have the side seams showing.

I did wind up making that "plain square"... my own furoshiki cloth using two 18" x 18" squares of fabric. Now to master the tying techniques...

The 2nd photo looks a bit like a cloth covered take-out box, doesn't it?  I think I'll make the squares a bit larger next time...maybe 25" or so.

This got to be really fun! I moved on to a regular gift bag:

The ribbon is sewn in to the top trim (still going for the "all-in-one" thing here) so you simply stuff the bag, fold the top over and use the ribbon to tie. It's reversible, too!

As I make these, I keep coming up with more and more ideas for them. I certainly don't plan to go ALL fabric this year and maybe not ever. So far, these are really more for smaller gifts, but with several being made in various sizes whenever I have fabric scraps, I think eventually we can be "mostly" wrapping least for those gifts we give within the family. And hey, there will be less chance I'll have to hunt for the tape ...or run out to the store at the last minute to get wrapping paper...

Note: I put bows on many of these because I can easily tell the difference between a bow I make and a bow anyone else in the house makes...I worry the "Pickles" might decide the fabric wraps make it easier to "sneak a peek".

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Joy said...

We've been doing wrapping bags for several years (although most of ours are not as elaborate as yours). I love, love, love it though. It's so much easier to wrap. The kids get very excited to see their favorite bags again. And it's just so pretty to see all those cloth bags under the tree. :) I blogged about our cloth bags here, if you'd like to see them in action: