Thursday, December 8, 2011

Coco's "Quilt"

The Girl swears her Webkins Ferret "Coco" is alive and has feelings, etc. Ever since she got that ferret, Coco has been by her side through practically everything. Coco has been The Girl's faithful companion at bedtime - good at scaring away the monsters and bad dreams. She has eaten at the dinner table with us (though only on The Girl's lap - unless it was her birthday or other big occasion). She travels with us...

Coco on the trip West (there wasn't much to see in Kansas...)
...walks to school with us, goes to the park with us...

The Girl said Coco wanted to play in the leaves, too
watches movies with us (and gives her opinion of them). Coco is no longer the fluffy ferret she used to be. She is now a matted, well loved member of the family - and don't try telling The Girl otherwise!

We made a stocking for Coco so she wouldn't feel left out of the Christmas celebrations (The Girl cut out the appliques).

The Girl placed a present under the tree for her. Last year I got a sweater and hat set for Coco (I always thought The Girl could dress Coco in them now and have actual ferret "stuff" later if she ever gets a real ferret). This year, I decided to make a hat for Coco from Santa (to go in her stocking) but I wanted to do something else, too.

I had a lot of flannel fabric left over from the pillowcases and couldn't decide what to do with them. I decided to make a quilt - though I had never made one before. I might be the only person crazy enough to make a quilt for a stuffed ferret! I didn't have any batting so I just cut a piece of scrap fleece down to size. Coco's quilt is only the size of a place mat (it IS for a stuffed animal) but it uses almost all of the extra flannel I had left over. It's rough, some lines are crooked, fabric is bunched and gathered in places and I really had no idea what I was doing with any of it...but I know it will make The Girl (and Coco) very happy.

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Joy said...

So cute! Tia (and Coco) will love it! You're not so crazy...I made a bed, sheets, blanket, and quilt for Elizabeth's American Girl doll last year. The things we do for these kids! :)

Trish said...

LOL...for some reason I can justify those things for a doll more than a stuffed animal.