Monday, December 12, 2011

CCA Holiday Party 2011

I think this event should be called the CCA Holiday Dinner Gathering instead of "Holiday Party". Last year, I think The Girl had it right. She was expecting a party and when we got there she wondered why no one was dancing. It was just a bunch of faculty sitting around at tables. Still, it's a good way for us to mingle with other CCA employees (besides, the food last year was really good!).

This year, the crowd was HUGE! There was a better turnout from Mr. LH's department, The Girl actually saw some of her school friends, and The Boy saw one of his 5th grade teachers there! We joked that the "Pickles" knew more people at the function than we did. Several of Mr. LH's co-workers received their 5 year service award.  The buffet was a Thanksgiving feast with Peach cobbler for dessert.

The Girl even got a chance to visit with another Santa (though this one looked mighty young to have a snow white beard) and push for her Christmas wishes again.

Again, she looks a bit uncertain about asking for so much...

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