Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Amigurumi Lego Mini-figure - The Legs

Whew! Finally got this far! We're in the home stretch now!

I made the waist/hip section near the beginning of this project. It's really just a cylinder shape to provide a solid surface for the torso and legs to attach to. I thought it might turn out to be too small (and it really still is) but this late in the game I figured, oh well. Close enough.

The pudgy tummy will squish down some, right? Let's hope so.

The legs are just four identical side pieces (the right and left side of each leg) and 2 identical "leg surrounds" that go down the back of the leg, along the bottom, up and over the foot, and up the front of the leg. I really don't know what to call them so I just call them "leg surrounds". They are made of rectangles with "strategically placed" rows using either back loops and front loops to make the piece "bend" in certain directions to follow the shape of the foot.

The pieces are all made separately and then stitched together, stuffed and attached to bottom of the "hip/waist" area.

I put a rectangle of plastic canvas in the bottom of each foot before I stitched the 2nd side to the legs. It definitely helps to keep the foot bottom flat.

I love it! Now to get all my notes together and write out the pattern!

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