Friday, November 18, 2011

A Christmas Story Hat

My best friend has a thing about extra long elf-style hats like the one that Ralphie's friend Schwartz wears in A Christmas Story.

I made her one out of fleece several years ago that she still wears. This year, since I took up crocheting again, I decided to make her another out of yarn. I chose some light silver heather gray yarn and pale pink yarn (both Vanna's Choice Lion Brand) but after doing several alternating rows, I didn't like the color combination at all. It was too...light.

So I chose some antique rose colored yarn (a much darker pink) from my leftover stash as well as a dark heather gray yarn to use with the light gray yarn. Much better!

This was the first time I attempted to join my rounds, too so the stripes wouldn't look so jagged. Not great, but much better than other attempts or not joining the rounds at all.

With a size K hook, I used a Half-Double Crochet (HDC) stitch everywhere except the dark pink stripes which use a single crochet (SC) stitch. This hat has about 80 rows in it with every other row increasing by 2 stitches until you get to 60 stitches (or the diameter you want) then crocheting another 15 or so rows before ribbing the edge with alternating FPHDC and BPHDC stitches (4 rows of this). I added a thick braid and a medium pom pom to the tip.

It's a slightly modified version of an elf hat I found here on Ravelry. I made one for The Girl back in September which she loves! That one has a small tasseled end and different colored scrap yarn used in the hat body.

This design and color scheme is actually more my type of hat rather than my best friend's. She prefers really wacky stuff when it comes to Winter hats. I'm hoping to find some really great yarn or a really fun stitch to use another time for her on this hat but until that time comes, this will have to do (she can always trade it back to me for another one later if she wants to because I really like this one).

Someday I'll learn to have the hat on straight before I take a picture...
Since I only used about half of my yarn (about 1 1/2 skeins of the silver heather), I am using the rest to make a matching scarf to go with the elf hat.

By the way, I did come across a pattern for a knitted version of the hat in A Christmas Story (with the same colors and everything) I just need to learn how to knit...

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Joy said...

Very cute! I'll bet she loves it! Elizabeth likes elf style hats too. In fact she's getting an elfish one as a stocking stuffer. Shhh...