Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Projects and the Box Pouch

I've had a full plate this month trying to get my many projects done in time for Christmas. There is the amigurumi zombie I finished for my brother, the amigurumi Lego minifigure for The Boy (still in progress), the lap afghan for The Girl (also still in progress - the boy's afghans are already finished), the elf-style hat for my best friend, the various flannel pillowcases, and the Santa gift bags that haven't been started but need to get done in time for Christmas eve so Santa can wrap the "Pickles'" presents.

My latest Christmas project is the Box Pouch. I stumbled upon a tutorial several weeks ago while browsing through various blogs. I made them from remnants I found in the fabric store. Each remnant could be used to make several box pouches depending on whether you chose a different fabric for the lining or not. In fact, one remnant was only about 0.6 yards and I was able to cut out enough fabric for the outer shell of 3 box pouches and still had plenty left over for another project idea (yes...ANOTHER project idea...).

I really like the black and silver gray patterned fabric. I might use what's left to make trim for a napkin set...

I also found this more Christmas-y (though still all-occasion) polka dot fabric and lined it with the green print shown above:

This was really a quick and easy project. I'm thinking of modifying the pattern a bit...maybe adding a small handle, lengthening it some, etc. I also don't like all the rough seams. I might have to un-pack my serger if I keep making these. Still...I really like this little box.

I have a few more to make and I'll keep one for myself for storing notions and such. A slightly longer one would be great for a crochet travel bag!

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