Thursday, October 27, 2011

Paper Mache Part 3 - The Finale

After a long 24+ hour period of drying, we were able to take a break from playing in the snow to paint our paper mache sculptures. They were hard as stone and even resembled stone sculptures.

I completely covered the dining room table and handed The Girl paints and brushes and left her to do her thing.

WOW! She really amazes me when she takes her time to complete a project! I came back to the dining room to find the top half of her wolf looking wonderful!

Once the top dried, I flipped it over for her to paint the bottom. Then I started to paint my pumpkin.

It looks pretty rough, but still pumpkin-y (grin). We also had a couple of bats I shaped at the last minute and dried in the oven.

The Girl loves her paper mache wolf and said she definitely wants to do this again!

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