Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Paper Mache Part 2

Surprisingly, even with the hot dry air, our paper mache took longer than 24 hours to dry, but it finally did. Instead of doing a second layer of paper strips as I had planned (it was SO messy), I decided to try to make a pulp to sculpt over our forms.

I soaked some of our remaining newspaper strips and then dumped it all into my blender with additional water. Once the newspapers became a gray mass of pulpy mess, The Girl and I strained it, squeezed out any additional water and then mixed it into our leftover flour and water paste. I kept hoping there was enough paste to hold the paper pulp together. I thought since you only use paper pulp in making homemade paper (no paste) and homemade paper tends to be fairly strong, we shouldn't need too much paste. We probably had about 1 1/2 cups of paste left over from yesterday but once it was mixed in well with the pulp, you couldn't tell there was any paste at all! In fact, with the new "pulp clay" there was hardly any mess at all.

We pulled out small clumps of the new "pulp clay", squeezed out any remaining water into another bowl and pressed the clay all around our forms. It was very easy to work with. You can see in the photo that The Girl's hands are MUCH cleaner using this process than they were yesterday using the newspaper strips and paste.

It didn't take long for our forms to be completely covered with a decent layer of the "pulp clay". I love how The Girl's wolf looks more and more like a wolf. My pumpkin still looks more like a cartoony bomb. I guess once it's finished, the orange paint will help it look like a pumpkin.

Since the weather forecast was calling for rain and snow this afternoon, I opted to set the oven to 175 degrees and placed the sculptures on the bottom rack to dry. Even with the forms in the oven, it was taking a long time to dry. We would have to plan to paint them another day.

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