Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Autumn Snow

I've got to give credit to the weather forecasters. This time, they got it right! At least a week ago, predictions for 1-2 inches of snow were being cast around. Then on Monday (during a record breaking 80 degree day) the forecasts were predicting 5 to 7 inches of the white stuff to fall throughout Wednesday.

I was still skeptical since the forecasts are usually pretty off around here, but we decided to have fun with it. Mr. LH took a "poll" to see how much snow each of us thought we would receive. I guessed 2 inches. The Girl guessed 8" then once the snow was late in starting she changed it to 5".

Unfortunately, even though the "Pickles'" school district was out on Fall Break, Mr. LH still had classes going on so he headed out in the morning with snow still falling all around. Soon after, I was awakened by 2 children running into my room and opening the blinds telling me to "LOOK! LOOK!" There must have been about 4 inches of snow covering everything already. It was beautiful! The trees still had their fall foliage, their brilliant colors popping against the bright white of the snow.

A couple cups of coffee later, I felt awake enough to let the "Pickles" venture outside. I asked them to help to shake the snow off the tree branches and they were more than happy to do it (provided I let them stand directly under the falling snow).

They also willingly "cleaned off" my car (except the hood, windshield and roof - all the places I needed cleaned off). They spent most of the day playing in the snow with snowball fights...

and a little sledding in the neighbor's front yard.

We stopped for a moment to measure the snow at noon (6 inches and still more coming down).

After a round of hot chocolate, it was back outside to take turns getting buried in the snow.

The temperature never climbed above 32 degrees but the snow finally started to stop around 4pm. The "Pickles" and I went for a walk down the green way toward the park...

for some GREAT sledding down a much bigger hill!

By then, Mr. LH was able to join us and took a turn on the sled.

And so did I :)

We were thoroughly chilled to the bone and very happy. We headed back home for some warming Beef Stew and fresh baked bread (and some pumpkin carving). The Girl proclaimed the day "The best day ever."

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Joy said...

How fun to have an October snow! It looks like you made the most of it!