Thursday, September 1, 2011

An Unexpected Pick-Me-Up

I have been pretty slack in getting my oil changed since we move to Colorado. Part of the issue was not knowing where to go. There is a Grease Monkey half a mile from the house as well as another place right across from the street from them but I had never dealt with (or even heard of) these businesses. They were not the familiar businesses from North Carolina.

I finally forced myself to go one morning to get my oil changed at Grease Monkey. I was able to be served immediately and the staff, mainly a gentleman named Mike, was very friendly. It had been so long since my last oil change that they came out to ask me how long it had been. The dipstick showed no oil at all!

Yes, they did try to up-sell, as a business is expected to do, but they were very polite and very quick. Upon leaving a short 20 minutes later, Mike asked, “Did I tell you about the flower?”

Flower? What Flower?

Apparently, they leave a flower on the dashboard for their female customers but they inform you so you don’t think they’re asking for a date…

It did bring a smile to my face.

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