Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Internet-Free Weekend Beginning With A Birthday

By no choice of ours, we had an internet-free weekend. Our DSL went out Thursday night and Friday morning, after unplugging and re-plugging everything the router we lease from the phone company started to make an awful noise. We've had a lot of problems with our phone though I really think it mainly from the wiring in the house and not our service from Qwest (now Century Link). Although, the modem was being leased and it was probably refurbished equipment. We had the phone company send out another one – only with it being the weekend, we wouldn’t get it until Monday afternoon. No internet for almost 4 full days…

Luckily, we were kept busy with The Girl’s birthday Friday. I stopped by the craft store while the “Pickles” were at school so I could work on my afghan project over the weekend. Then picked up some balloons for The Girl (although we weren't having a full-blown party, she asked if we would still have balloons). I had made her ferret birthday cake the day before...

...so all that was left were the dinner preparations. The "Pickles" both requested lasagna since the weather cooled down enough for us to use the oven without roasting everyone out of the house.

The Girl wanted to open one birthday present early and I told her she could “just as soon as Daddy gets home”. Right about the time Mr. LH walked in, her neighborhood friends rang the doorbell and sang “Happy Birthday” to her. That meant hey got to be with her when she chose her early present. The Boy told her the smallest presents are usually the best but she’s still at the age where size matters – she chose the biggest present. No matter, it was the ferret I had crocheted for her.

And the smallest present? A pair of silver and lapis ferret earrings. The Boy was right...but then, so was she.

Elder Boy and his girlfriend drove in from Fort Collins to help us celebrate. Though they couldn't make it in time for dinner, The Girl decided to wait for Elder Boy before she opened her presents and blew out her candles. She also brought Coco (her Webkins ferret) and her new Jack Skellington to join in the festivities.

We had considered going to the park for a picnic on Saturday but wound up spending a good portion of the afternoon at the Aurora Central Library. It was the first visit there for the “Pickles”. The Girl found a book about Ferrets and another about other animals. I took The Boy to look for Rube Goldburg’s Inventions which he started reading right away.

We did take advantage of the library's WiFi and sent out a couple emails informing people to call if they needed to reach us.

Back at home, on Saturday and Sunday, I continued to crochet on my afghan

… and Mr. LH read a book he had been meaning to get around to but never seemed to have the time for (he finished the whole book over the weekend). I called and had a long chat with my mom, too.

Of course there were things that needed to be done online, but without internet access, we really had no choice but to wait. And that was fine. People had been notified of the situation and the phones were still working. The "Pickles" watched movies and played board games, cards and lego or ran around outside with their friends. The lack of internet service really didn't have an effect on them at all. However for Mr. LH and I, not being constantly connected to the outside world was, as he put it, "very liberating".

By Monday afternoon, we had our new equipment delivered, installed and working properly. It was back to business as usual.

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Joy said...

It's nice to have an unplugged weekend sometimes. It looks like Tia had a great birthday! Please wish her happy birthday from us. Is your afghan in squares? You'll have to post pics when you're finished. We were cleaning out the garage this weekend (eek!) and I found a set of Nightmare Before Christmas taper candles including Jack, Sally and Zero. If you think Tia would like them, let me know, and I'll send them to her.

Trish said...

Tia would love them! She's liked Nightmare Before Christmas since she was three years old...at least. Thank you!