Sunday, August 14, 2011

Coffee Break

We had a coffee maker with a self-timer and no carafe. The coffee maker had a reservoir that held the brewed coffee until you pushed your mug up to a button. It would then dispense the coffee directly into your mug. Sounds nice, right? It was nice...until we realized that it didn't work well for tall mugs or mugs that had a dark interior (you couldn't see the coffee level in your cup until hot coffee was spilling out everywhere). It also didn't work for unusually shaped mugs. As time went on, it made more of a mess than anything else so we decided to look for a new coffee maker. We spotted several that we liked but didn't want to pay the $70 price tag for one.

One trip to the thrift store solved that. I found a never-used Mr. Coffee coffee maker (pieces were still in plastic) out of the box with the self timer, an automatic shut off and a stainless steel carafe. It was 50% off day so I bought it for $7.50!

Retail Price: $69.99
My Price: $7.50

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